Trainos legier

Construction del nove linea de trainos legier. A dextre le station del trainos ordinari.


Dale Ardent said...

Max von Sydow est


Ulrike Tunnel said...

Are trainos legier the same as the old trams? What's rong with the old trains? Ar thay broken?

16/7 (dié 5)

Svenni said...

"Ulrike Tunnel" ... hehe ... funny :-)

What's rong with the old trains? Well, they're simply rong (plural rongid) as the Estonians say, trains that is.

Therefore we'll introduce Pikaraitiotie, as the Finnish say, trainos legier.

Btw, did you know that "tunnel" can be written "tunell", too? Well, I still prefere "tunnel".

How's Woking?

Lokalbanen Køge-Fakse Ladeplads said...

I think the old trams (sporvogne) were smaller than the trainos legier.

The one in the picture looks like the kind of privately operated train/railroad that we in DK for some reason call 'grise' (pigs).

On a side note, in DK the uneducated masses pronounce 'tunnel' 'tunnél'.

trams, prams, and automobiles said...

Besides the trams used to run in the city.

Svenni said...

Interesting difference between Norwegian and Danish: in Norvegian, 'tunnél' is the old, traditional, educated, French inspired pronunciaton, whereas 'túnnel' is the more modern, popular pronunciaton of the Eastern Norwegian megapolis.

Btw, the red train, the "pig", is a traditional NSB train, which for centuries (eh, maybe ony decades) have served the lines between Oslo and Bergen. Ony recently they have been replaced by the so called Signature trains.

Rbt Stevenson said...

Woking? No soy en Woking desde 20 anyos. Soy Novparl y habito a Sud-Oveste Londres.

Kanske du menar Viking?

K. Dalglish said...

So what's the answer? Er faren av Max von Sydney en Klingon?

Looking fram till Norgga - bonnie Scotland?

Woden's day 12.8.09 10:30

Svenni said...

Moy droog, your wishes have been fullfilled ... ("have been"?)

Scotland? Kiam?

Svenni said...

Aha, finalmente io comprende. Norvegia batteva Scotland per 3-0 ... esque isto significa que le pueros de Drillo ja es qualificate pro le Mundial de Mandela?